Student Media on Campus

Radford University (RU) currently has an on-air radio station that is a public radio station and is student staffed, but not student run.

This station caters to the public radio listening audience in the New River Valley and has different goals and interests than most college radio stations.

It is also a separate entity that is not considered part of RU student media. Student media encompasses The Tartan (student newspaper), Whim (online magazine), The Beehive (video yearbook), Exit 109 (literary magazine), ROC-TV (student TV station), and SMADS (student media advertising). RFR is part of this group of organizations and is completely student controlled.

How We Began

Approximately three years ago, a group of students began working to create RFR. We were chosen by a group of professors and other RU staff members to be the “Radio Free Radford Student Steering Committee” which would help guide RFR into existence. After the committee’s establishment, we began the long and arduous process of becoming a recognized university organization and a part of student media. This involved seemingly endless paperwork, presentations to various campus boards and committees, and financial wrangling. Eventually, we made it through that and became an official university organization, complete with funding and a studio/office.

Now, we’re a fully functional internet radio station. We’ve got live DJ's doing great shows that feature all genres of music throughout the day and we run automated music in between.