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SUMS4BIO: Strengthening Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics Education for Biologists


This three-year NSF grant (2011-2014) is a cooperative effort of the Department of Biology and Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The goals of this project are:


        develop a new course in mathematics for biology

        form links between this new mathematics course and BIOL 131 Ecology and Adaptation and BIOL 160 Introductory Seminar in Biology

        develop a new course in statistics for biology

        form links between this new statistics course and BIOL 232 Organismal Biology

        vertically integrate mathematical and statistical skills through the biology core curriculum: BIOL 131 Ecology and Adaptation; BIOL 132 Biology of Cells and Microorganisms; BIOL 231 Genetics, Development, and Evolution; BIOL 232 Organismal Biology

        further develop quantitative skills in biology electives

        form collaborative links with the broader STEM education community through workshops, conference presentations, and publications.




Personnel (Biology)


Joel Hagen, PI

Jeremy Wojdak, Co-PI

Fred Singer, Co-PI

Gary Cote

Tara Phelps-Durr

Robert Sheehy

Christine Small




Personnel (Math/Stats)


M. Jill Stewart, Co-PI

Juergen Gerlach



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