Answers to some commonly asked questions are posted here. If you have a question, check here first! If your question isn't answered in our FAQ or you would like further information, please e-mail us and we'll be happy to assist you!

Q: When was the Gay Straight Alliance formed?
A: The GSA was formed in the spring semester of 2010 by Jonathan Dalton and Thomas St.Clair.

Q: When and where does the club meet?
A: Our club meets every Thursday at 6:30pm. Our room may change throughout each semester, so be sure to check our home page for details!

Q: How can I join the club?
A: All you have to do is come to one or more of our meetings or events, and we consider you a member of the GSA!

Q: What if I can't come to any meetings?
A: Not to worry! The GSA will be hosting a variety of events that take place outside of our club meetings; attend any of these events and you will still be a part of our club!

Q: I didn't come to any of the club's meetings last semester / beginning of this semester. Can I still join?
A: The short answer is - of course! You can come to any meetings and join our club at any time during the school year. As they say, better late than never!

Q: I want to be added to the GSA mailing list. How can this happen?
A: Simple! Just send us an e-mail with the name and email you want to be added, and we will add you before our next mass mail.

Q: What does GLBT stand for?
A: GLBT stands for "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender/Transexual." It is a term used to describe the gay community in its entirety.

Q: I don't identify as gay/lesbian/bisexual. I'm straight. Does that mean I can't participate in your club?
A: Of course not! Everyone, including (and often especially) straight people are invited to fight for GLBT rights with our club. We are the Gay-Straight Alliance, after all! You are called an Ally to the GLBT community, and you are always welcome to our club.

Q: I'm having trouble accepting myself as gay/lesbian/bisexual. Is there someone I can talk to on campus?
A: Yes. There are Safe Zone certified faculty, staff and students all around campus - keep an eye out for the Safe Zone sticker to identify these individuals. The RU Student Counseling Services is also available to all students on campus.

Q: What resource are available to me?
A: There are plenty of on-campus, local, and global resources available to you. Check out our Links page for more information!