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  • 'Never Say Goodbye': A Love And Life Kept Vivid

    In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of StoryCorps, we revisit Danny and Annie Perasa's story. Danny's big personality and deep love for his wife drew listeners in since their first interview in 2004. He died in 2006. "Danny didn't go," Annie says. "He's not gone because of StoryCorps."

  • Soothing The Savage Beat: When Electronic Artists Conjure Classical

    From pulsing techno to alluring ambient, hear what happens when two seemingly opposite musical realms collide on the dance floor and in the chill room. Hear Madonna collaborator William Orbit's take on Beethoven, a beatified version of Barber's Adagio and a techno take on the Carmina Burana.

  • In Roasts, A Touch Of Fruit Brings Out The Best In Meat

    The heat of the oven gives fruit's sweetness a syrupy concentration that complements the salty, savory flavors of roasted meats. Many ¿ though not all ¿ fruits can infuse and pair with a variety of roasted meats and vegetables.

  • 5 Songs That Will Shoogle Your Hurdies

    Fiona Ritchie, host of The Thistle & Shamrock, picks a handful of Celtic songs that will get you rockin' and reelin' ¿ from fiddler Eileen Ivers to Irish guitar master Arty McGlynn.

  • Best Friends, Sharing 'Two Sides Of The Same Heart'

    Starr Cookman and Kylee Moreland Fenton have been the closest of friends for decades. The pair grew even closer when Starr's infant son seemed ill. It's because of Kylee's insistence, Starr says, that 8-day-old Rowan received the heart surgery that saved his life.

  • Found Recipes: Dr. Klaw's Authentic New England Lobster Roll

    A dozen years ago in Brooklyn, N.Y., a Cape Cod surfer dude created a secret identity to sell simple and delicious lobster rolls.

  • A Debt Ceiling Playlist: 5 Songs To Push Your Mind To The Brink

    Now that we've avoided a financial cataclysm, here's a suitable playlist for some of the swirling emotions of the past two weeks.

  • Five Songs By The 'Rhodes Scholar' Keyboardist Of Hip-Hop

    Professing love for Bob James' music can yield a side-eye in some circles, as his 1970s work is seen as a progenitor to smooth jazz. But he certainly knew his way around a catchy melody and an infectious riff ¿ as legions of rap and house producers have discovered through sampling.

  • You Asked For It: Frank Deford's Top 12 List

    Commentator Frank Deford responds to suggestions of things he should comment on. Here, he takes on the Washington Redskins' name; high school football games on national TV; hockey fights; Pete Rose and the Baseball Hall of Fame; and the tradition of pouring Gatorade on winning coaches.

  • With Veteran's Life In Peril, His Parents Take Up The Fight

    Doctors said Erik Schei would be a "vegetable" for the rest of his life ¿ and he was only 21. He had been shot in the head on his second tour in Iraq. But his parents choose to bring him home and give him another chance at life. Now, they say he's smiling every day and grateful to be alive.