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      • Florida Lawmakers To Review Law Targeting Injured Undocumented Workers

        Employers and insurers were using the statute to deny workers' comp benefits, an NPR and ProPublica investigation found. Republican state Sen. Anitere Flores is now calling for action.

      • They Got Hurt At Work — Then They Got Deported

        A joint investigation by NPR and ProPublica shows how a loophole in Florida law has led to the arrest and even deportation of undocumented immigrants after they suffer legitimate injuries on the job.

      • U.S. Moves To Amend Secret Mustard Gas Tests On Veterans

        A wrong against a group of World War II veterans is about to be righted. There will be new acknowledgment that tens of thousands of troops were used as human test subjects for the Army's experiments with one of the most dreaded weapons of the time — mustard gas. And for the few who still survive, there's a new promise of health benefits.


      • Confessions Of A 'Big Bang' Watcher, 11 Seasons In

        The Big Bang Theory is the most popular scripted show on broadcast TV. But that doesn't keep people from asking the question: "Why do you watch that show?"

      • What, Really, Is A Monument?

        Monuments play a different cultural role than do other kinds of artworks: To let a monument stand, or to take it down, is to take a political stand on its subject matter, says blogger Alva Noë.

      • Simulating The Bodily Pain Of Future Climate Change

        People can't simulate realistic, internal sensations, like temperature change or pain — which is a reason why more people aren't terrified by climate change, says guest blogger Lisa Feldman Barrett.