Tips for Using Social Media

Many RU departments and programs are using social media accounts to promote themselves.

The Web Communications staff at DoIT offers these account management and copywriting tips:

  • Be concise. Make what you have to say "short, sweet, and to the point."
  • Be respectful. Remember, anyone and everyone can see these posts. Make sure whatever is written reflects the proper image for Radford University to all audiences.
  • Be timely. If you decide to launch a social media account for your department or college, you must also be willing to update it frequently with the most current information.
  • Be responsive. Posting information is just half the battle in social media. You must also monitor feedback to the information you provide and respond accordingly.
  • Be accurate. Do not post something you do not know is accurate.
  • Be accountable. You and/or the university could be held accountable for what is posted online. Do not post anything erroneous, anything that could be considered a copyright infringement or anything illegal.
  • Be "real." "Talk" online as you would in a real-life conversation. You're real, and so are the people reading what you write.

Using this form, let us know about your social media site so it can be added to the Radford University Social Media Directory. Questions? Email

Mar 15, 2013
Web Communications