Multimedia and Production Services

Multimedia Production is a service of Web Strategy and Interactive Media dedicated to providing high-quality video incorporating audio for student recruitment, promotion and other outreach purposes for Radford University. Multimedia productions will follow the university web guidelines to insure consistency with Radford University’s brand.

At this time, the position of multimedia producer is vacant, but there are various other offices within Information Technology who provide multimedia/videography support. Please see the chart below for detailed information on the services provided and resources available.

Video/Multimedia Need
Resources Notice Requested How to Initiate
Instructional videos
Lectures given by a professor or instructor, tutorials, other videos used for instructional purposes.
Kaltura screen capture

Lecture Capture Rooms

2 weeks
Kaltura is a a web-enabled recording mechanism available through D2L. Visit the Knowledge Base for more information.

Marketing/promotional videos
Professional videos typically 1-3 minutes in length used for student recruitment, promotion and other outreach purposes.
Web Strategy and Interactive Media 2-5 months*
*The campus multimedia producer's schedule is typically booked 2-4 months out. A typical project can take 4-8 weeks to film, edit and receive approvals.
Guest speakers, candidate presentations, vendor presentations, etc., recorded with the intention of being viewed at a later date.
Voice and Video Technologies 2 weeks  
Streaming video
Video of an event or speaker steamed live to the Internet or another venue on campus
Electronic Engineering and Communication Services 2 weeks
Using Skype and other technologies to teleconference speakers into classrooms or other venues.
Voice and Video Technologies / Technology Support Services 4 days
Call the Technology Assistance Center at 540-831-7500.
Student activities / performances
Recitals, student events, etc.
Video cameras available through McConnell Library NA Contact the McConnell Library at 540-831-5364 to check out a camera to record the event. View a list of A/V equipment available.