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SIM Lab Standardized Patient Session Development

I. Purpose: To provide a scheduling procedure for the Clinical Simulation Centers (CSC) located at the Roanoke Higher Education Center (RHEC) and the Radford University West (RU West) Campus. To schedule the appropriate number of students per session per site that will provide each student with a focused learning experience and time for individual reflection.

II. Orientation Expectation: All students must be oriented to the CSC prior to participating in clinical scenarios. A general orientation will be provided by the CSC staff at your School of Nursing. A site and equipment specific orientation will be provided during the fundamental training session and/or pre-simulation as needed to prepare student for simulation experience.

III. Available Time Slots:

1) High Fidelity training sessions are 3 hours in duration scheduled Monday through Friday.

a. First session RU West and RHEC 0745 – 1100

0745 - 0800 students complete pre-encounter survey. CSC educator review admission tickets

Scenario start time 0800.

b. Second session RU West 1115 – 1430

1115 - 1130 students complete pre-encounter survey. CSC educator review admission tickets

Scenario start time 1130

c. Second session RHEC 1145 – 1500.

1145 - 1200 students complete pre-encounter survey. CSC educator review admission tickets

Scenario start time 1200

d. Flexibility in session times may be negotiated with CSC educator if necessary to accommodate student schedules

2) Mid-Fidelity training sessions will be negotiated with your CSC educator or CSC director.

3) Standardized Patient (SP) times will be scheduled in 30-minute to 1.5-hour blocks of time dependent on encounter objectives and encounter time. SP encounters are typically a one-on-one experience with the student and the SP. See SP Specific scheduling policy.

IV. CSC site contact information:

RU West Center: Radford University, New River Community College and Wytheville Community College

Margaret Mullins, MSN
(540) 831-7177

Christina Keller, MSN
(540) 831-2491

Jackie Muir, Admin
(540) 831-7175

RHEC Center: Radford University, Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Patrick Henry Community College and Virginia Western Community College

Millie Sowder, MSN
(540) 767-6154

Lisa Foote, FNP
(540) 767-6158

Roy Baugher, Admin
(540) 767-6156

VI. Procedure:

1) CSC educator will contact SON faculty in May for the fall semester and in December for the spring semester to assign dates and times for CSC experiences for the following semester.

Each individual SON faculty will negotiate with each other to determine which clinical group will use the assigned session times.

2) The CSC prioritizes session availability as follows:

a. Number of sessions depends on SON enrollment numbers and SON faculty requests.

b. Every effort will be made to meet requests.

3) The SON faculty will need to provide individual student names per scheduled CSC session to the CSC educator a week prior to the first scheduled session for that clinical specialty. August or early September for fall semester and January for spring semester.

4) CSC educator will send SON faculty admission tickets per scenario.

5) SON faculty are responsible for sending admission ticket documents to students at least one week prior to scheduled CSC time.

6) CSC educator will place session times on outlook calendar.

7) CSC educator or CSC administrative specialist will add student names to outlook calendar.

8) CSC administrative specialist will schedule sessions in simulation management system (Orion).

9) Specifications for sending students home without completion of simulation training experience:

a. Students will be sent home if they arrive late. The CSC educator (or designee) will notify SON faculty that student did not arrive on time to participate.

b. Students without completed admission ticket will not be allowed to participate in simulation. The CSC educator (or designee) will notify SON faculty that student was not prepared for simulation training experience.

c. Rescheduling students for training sessions due to tardiness and unpreparedness will be limited. SON faculty will negotiate rescheduling with CSC educator dependent on scheduling time availability.