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Graduate Faculty Publish Books


Birx, E. (2014). Selfless love: Beyond the boundaries of self and other. Boston, MA: Wisdom Publications.

Selfless Love is about how meditation can help us see beyond our small separate ego self to experience unbounded love and live a life of  compassionate action. It integrates contemporary cognitive sciences, Zen insights, and wisdom from the world’s great religious traditions to build bridges so we can work together for the common good of humanity and the earth. Selfless Love includes clear, simple instructions on how to meditate. It is important for healthcare providers to be informed about meditation since meditation is being used in new models of psychotherapy and in many healthcare settings to manage stress; decrease depression, anxiety and pain; treat post-traumatic stress; and promote psychological growth. Each chapter ends with a verse to help move the reader beyond words to experience the ineffable – infinite love.


Burggraf, V. , Knight, A., & Kim, K. (2014).  Healthy Aging:  Principles and Clinical Practice for Clinicians. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer – Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

This text is 29 chapters, divided into chronic illnesses both physical and emotion.  It covers current treatment modalities and incorporates the holistic framework that comprises geriatric care in partnership with physicians, gerontologists and nurse practitioners (collaborative care). One unique perspective is the addition of  Healthy People 2020 that providers must incorporate into their practice.

DNP professors, Dr. E Lee, Dr. K. Katz, and Dr. V. Bierman also have chapters in this book.

RU Nursing Professor Named Fellow by American Heart Association


Radford University Assistant Professor of Nursing Eunyoung Lee was elected Fellow of the American Heart Association (AHA) in recognition of her scientific and professional accomplishments, volunteer leadership and service.

Lee was honored by the AHA, a preeminent international organization of cardiovascular and stroke professionals, at the Cardiovascular/Stroke Nursing Council banquet during the AHA Scientific Sessions in Dallas.

As an AHA Fellow, Lee joins a select group of physicians, scientists, nurses and other healthcare professionals who have demonstrated a major and productive interest in cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

"We are very proud of Dr. Lee," said Dean of the Waldron College of Health and Human Services Ken Cox. "Her designation as a Fellow of the American Heart Association reflects her professional stature and an extraordinary record of valuable service.

RU Professor Named Fellow by Interdisciplinary Organization on Aging


Radford University’s Virginia Burggraf, the Marcella Griggs Endowed Professor of Gerontological Nursing, was named a 2014 Fellow by the Gerontological Society of America (GSA).

Burggraf joins 61 other professionals named "exemplary" by the GSA, the nation’s largest interdisciplinary organization devoted to the field of aging.

"It is a pleasure to earn such prestigious acknowledgement," said Burggraf. "My colleagues here at RU and throughout the field have been instrumental in my earning this honor."

According to the GSA, the status of fellow is the highest class of membership within the society and is an acknowledgment of outstanding and continuing work in gerontology. Among the criteria cited for Burggraf's fellowship designation were research, teaching, administration, public service, practice and participation within the organization.

Fellows are chosen from each of GSA's four membership sections and Burggraf is one of 13 Fellows in the health sciences section representing institutions such as Harvard Medical School, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland; University of Virginia and the University of Washington.

Burggraf will join the new fellows for a formal acknowledgement at the GSA's 67th Annual Scientific Meeting, scheduled for Nov. 5 - 9 in Washington, D.C.

Federal Grant to Help RU Advance Health Care Professional Education


Radford University’s Waldron College of Health and Human Services has been awarded an Advanced Nursing Education Grant by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for more than $750,000.

The three-year grant will include three components, said Assistant Professor of Nursing Victoria Bierman ’77, B.S.N. ’98, M.S.N. ’04, the grant’s primary investigator.

The grant will enable RU to develop a psychiatric/mental health certification program for Nurse Practitioners and Doctors of Nursing Practice serving rural communities, like the New River Valley.  The grant will also enable the development of a continuing education program for health professionals devoted to chronic disease management for patients with mental health issues.

"The grant will help us alleviate a lot of patient suffering and prepare nurses and other health care professionals to be more skilled at managing a challenging situation for all- clients, families and providers," said Bierman.

An Interprofessional Education Consortium within the WCHHS will also be created to enhance interdisciplinary work among the college’s various specialties.

"We have an exciting chance for our advanced students to gain more opportunities to learn the roles of other professions and develop working relationships with their peers and colleagues," she said. "That same tradition will also deepen within our departments."

The HRSA grant will engage the WCHHS Departments of Occupational Therapy, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Social Work in the consortium to focus their combined bodies of study and research on improving outcomes of patients suffering a dangerous combination of mental health issues and chronic diseases.

"This population requires multiple specialties. On behalf of our patients and communities, we can develop ways to work together as a team and help our advanced students as they transition into the modern health care environment," she said.

Cooperating across disciplines is a focus of WCHHS activity. Last spring, the WCHHS hosted its first-ever Interprofessional Symposium and Expo that showcased its diverse research initiatives.

"With this grant, Dr. Bierman and her colleagues will be able to implement additional practices that address the complexities of today’s health care," said WCHHS Dean Ken Cox. "We don’t work in isolation anymore; we work in teams. The programs that emerge from this exciting opportunity will help us further step out of our silos and foster true interprofessional practice and service."