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Graduate Faculty Publish Books


Birx, E. (2014). Selfless love: Beyond the boundaries of self and other. Boston, MA: Wisdom Publications.

Selfless Love is about how meditation can help us see beyond our small separate ego self to experience unbounded love and live a life of  compassionate action. It integrates contemporary cognitive sciences, Zen insights, and wisdom from the world’s great religious traditions to build bridges so we can work together for the common good of humanity and the earth. Selfless Love includes clear, simple instructions on how to meditate. It is important for healthcare providers to be informed about meditation since meditation is being used in new models of psychotherapy and in many healthcare settings to manage stress; decrease depression, anxiety and pain; treat post-traumatic stress; and promote psychological growth. Each chapter ends with a verse to help move the reader beyond words to experience the ineffable – infinite love.


Burggraf, V. , Knight, A., & Kim, K. (2014).  Healthy Aging:  Principles and Clinical Practice for Clinicians. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer – Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

This text is 29 chapters, divided into chronic illnesses both physical and emotion.  It covers current treatment modalities and incorporates the holistic framework that comprises geriatric care in partnership with physicians, gerontologists and nurse practitioners (collaborative care). One unique perspective is the addition of  Healthy People 2020 that providers must incorporate into their practice.

DNP professors, Dr. E Lee, Dr. K. Katz, and Dr. V. Bierman also have chapters in this book.