BA Degree Requirements

Prior to being admitted to the COSD major, students will be considered pre-COSD majors. To be admitted into the COSD junior-level, students must:

  1. Attain Junior status (minimum of 56 hours earned).
  2. Earn a minimum 2.80 cumulative grade point average in all coursework.
  3. Complete an application to the COSD major in the Advising Center in 351 Waldron Hall.

COSD Requirements

To graduate with a COSD major, students must maintain the following minimum academic standards:

  1. Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 during junior and senior years.
  2. Repeat any COSD course for which a grade lower than "C" is assigned.
  3. Students who earn lower than a "C" in any COSD course after exhausting the university repeat option will be withdrawn from the program.

Coursework for BA Option

The B.A. degree courses are taken in addition to the Core Curriculum requirements, major, and related area courses.  The B.A. option may be met in one of two ways:

  1. Students who have not taken any high school foreign language must complete 12 credit hours of a foreign language.
  2. Students who have taken a foreign language in high school may opt to take a placement exam.  Performance on the exam will determine if the student must take 6-8 credit hours of higher-level foreign language courses.