Therapy Associates of Martinsville

Type of Facility: Community Speech & Hearing Services 

Distance From Campus: 98 miles

Academic/Clinical Prerequisites for Placement at the Facility:

Appropriate coursework in child and adult speech and language disorders; minimum two semesters in Radford University Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic.

Types of Activities Engaged at the Facility:

Evaluation-administering and scoring standardized and criterion-referenced tests; administering and analyzing language samples, interpreting results, writing reports; and treatment (preschool through geriatric population) articulation, fluency, language, voice, limited areas in aphasia, augmentative communication, dementia, laryngectomy, and autism.  Treatment settings include center-based, public schools, preschool, and Head Start centers.  Skills utilized include long-term and short-term goals, data collection, behavior management (individual and group), various therapy techniques/strategies, SOAP notes, Medicaid and Medicare requirements, private insurance requirements, progress reports, hearing screenings, attendance at staff meetings. 

Age Range for Adults: 18-70+

Age Range for Children: 0-17