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Occupational Therapy

Admission to most occupational therapy programs is competitive. Your application is most likely to be successful if you have:

  • An undergraduate G.P.A. of 3.25 or better;
  • Strong reasoning and writing skills (as documented by your scores on the Graduate Record Examination);
  • Work or volunteer experiences with children and adults who have disabilities;
  • Skills in occupations and activities (for example, in manual or fine art, sports or music).

2011 Master of Occupational Therapy pre-requisite courses and Radford University Eqivalents. [PDF]

You can begin preparing for a career in occupational therapy now, by:

  • Becoming informed about the profession. (Browse the American Occupational Therapy Association’s web page at www.aota.org. Observe an occupational therapist, and/or volunteer in a community program that serves children or adults with disabilities.)
  • Completing the undergraduate prerequisite courses listed above.
  • Taking an adult education class to learn a new occupation or activity.
  • Studying for and taking the Graduate Record Examination.