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Entering a Publication for Production


Before coming to University Relations with a project, please:

  • determine the quantity of the print or electronic publication or the distribution of the electronic publication you need;
  • know your budget and the charge code to which the production will be billed;
  • bring in any samples you like from other organizations or schools;
  • have the text that will go in the brochure and photos or images you prefer on hand. If you don’t have text and need help writing your publication, that’s okay. Our writers can help. In writing copy, think about your audience, the goal of your publication and include program information, a call to action and contact information.

We will need all of this information to fill out a job entry form when you first come to us to enter your job.


Now you’re ready to enter the job. Call 831-5182 to schedule an appointment with Creative Services. That person will help you evaluate your goals and determine the appropriate vehicle in which to disseminate your message. You are now approximately six weeks (depending on the complexity of the project) away from having your publication in your hands.

Copy Review/Writing

After you’ve entered the job, the process in Creative Services begins. First, copy you brought in will be reviewed and approved or a writer will be assigned to assist you. This process takes approximately two weeks, depending on the complexity of your project.


At this point, a graphic designer takes the copy and your ideas and puts them into motion. If a printed product, the designer will pick the appropriate paper, publication size, and ink color(s) and begin designing your job, taking into account your preferences and goals. This process takes approximately two weeks, depending on the scope of the project. The designer will also bid the job to printers, which can take up to three weeks (depending on the complexity of the project) if printing costs exceed $2,000. When the design is finished, you, along with a University Relations editor, will be asked to proof, approve, and sign off on the job. The job will not be sent to a printer without these signatures. The main goal of the writers and designers in the University Relations Office is to produce a top-notch, accurate, and eye-catching publication. We appreciate and need your input and any changes you require as early as possible during publication, so please be open and candid. To produce the best publication, open and direct communication is essential.


The designer coordinates the printing of your publication; you will be asked to approve a printing proof. The printing process takes approximately two weeks and the printer will deliver the final publication to the location of your choice.

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