Individual, Couples and Group Psychotherapy

Professional counselors provide supportive short-term counseling to enrolled students.  College can be a wonderful experience, but also stressful.  Student Counseling Services (SCS) is here to help you increase your coping skills therefore you can have a more successful college experience.

Medication Evaluations and Management

Student Health Services has a licensed professional who can provide consultation, medication evaluation and monitoring. SCS can assist with connecting students to this service.  

Professional Consultation

Licensed professional staff is available to provide consultations to students, faculty, staff and parents.  SCS does not share any information about clients without written consent (see confidentiality).

Referrals for Specialized Services

SCS provides students with information on community resources, as needed.

Educational Programming

SCS provides educational programs on relevant well-being and mental health issues such as access to healthcare, stress management, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, colds and flu prevention, sexual health, alcohol and substance use, and nutrition.

Emergency Assessments

SCS provides emergency assessments during regular office hours; after-hour emergencies are referred to ACCESS (New River Community Services Board) or CONNECT (Carilion Health System).

Eligibility for Services

Currently enrolled students are be eligible for services at SCS.  In rare situations, staff may deny services to students whose concerns are beyond the scope of this office to effectively treat.  Examples of possible concerns that may result in outside referrals include the following:  students who need longer term counseling than the SCS can provide;  students who have been psychiatrically hospitalized possibly due to a temporary detention order;  students with severe drug abuse or dependence;  and students who are non-compliant or create a hostile work environment.  SCS staff will assist students in finding appropriate local referral sources when any of these situations occur.  Students are always eligible for emergency assessments.