Dean of Students Office / Student Success

If you have a concern about a student, which you would like the Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) to address, contact the Office of the Dean of Students. A professional staff member will acquire the needed information and will relate the situation as needed at the next BCT meeting.

The dean of students office provides a consistent location for reporting students whose behavior is of concern to assure that such students are getting appropriate assistance from relevant campus resources. However, there are times when the conduct process can be the most effective leverage to getting a student the help he or she needs. In such cases a staff member in the dean of students office may recommend that you file a charge against a student.

To discuss concerns about a student’s behaviors, please call us at 540-831-6259 or email

Student Success

If you have academic concerns, the Student Success Early Warning Form is designed as a tool for faculty and advisors to identify specific students who appear to be struggling academically. You can access this form by clicking the life preserver link on your student roster.