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Sports Club Executive Board

Danielle Brown (Women's lacrosse)

Vice President
Jeremy Sturgill (Football)

Taylor Brooks (Men's ultimate)

Astin Altenburg (Women's lacrosse)

Intramural/Sports Club Coordinator
Foster Ridpath


Club Sports - Officers and Advisors

Women's Club Soccer

Name Email address Position
Chelsea Patterson cpatterso19@radford.edu President
Meredity Powroznik spowroznik@radford.edu Vice President
Jessie McGraw jwmcgraw@radford.edu Secretary
Juergan Gerlach jgerlach@radford.edu President

Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Name Email address Position
Cassie Ivey jwmcgraw@radford.edu President
Connie McKenzie cpmckenzi@radford.edu Vice President
Shannon Hill shill73@radford.edu Secretary
Angelica Thompson athompson98@radford.edu Treasurer
Jenessa Steele jcsteele@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Women's Club Basketball

Name Email address Position
Lauren Sabo lsabo@radford.edu Preisdent/Secretary
Marijke Matthes mmatthes@radford.edu Vice President/Treasurer
Donnie Tickle dwtickle@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Women's Club Volleyball

Name Email address Position
Kara Rhodes krhodes15@radford.edu Vice President
Chantal Stergar cstergar@radford.edu Secretary
Samantha Hummer cshummer@radford.edu Treasurer
Dr. Akaushi akaushik@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Skeet and Trap

Name Email address Position
Alyson Poplawski apoplawsk@radford.edu President/Treasurer
Blaine Morgan bmorgan19@radford.edu Vice President/Secretary
David Castongvay dcastong@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Club Football

Name Email address Position
Chris Girardi cmgirardi@radford.edu President
Tom Robinson trobinson352@radford.edu Vice President
Jared Pugh jpugh9@radford.edu Secretary
Jeremy Sturgill jjsturgill@radford.edu Treasurer
Catherine Greenberg cgreenberg@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Men's Rugby

Name Email address Position
Eric Czajkowski eczajkows@radford.edu President
Nick Koldewcy nkoldewcy@radford.edu Vice President
Phillip Teetor pteetor@radford.edu Secretary
Lloyd Baylis lbayliss@radford.edu Treasurer
Donald Samson dsamson@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Billards Club

Name Email address Position
Brandon Simmons bsimmons@radford.edu President
Ryan Baez rabaez@radford.edu Vice President
Adam Trader atrader@radford.edu Secretary
David Goodman degoodman@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Men's Ultimate Frisbee

Name Email address Position
Taylor Brooks lbrooks29@radford.edu President
Lucas Hamelman lhamelman@radford.edu Vice President
Brandon Sabetta bsabetta@radford.edu Secretary
Phil Bryant pbryant@radford.edu Treasurer
Mike Richardson mtrichard@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Men's Lacrosse

Name Email address Position
Garrett Wood gwood73@radford.edu President
Chris Irby
cirby8@radford.edu Vice President
Ronald Macher
rmacher@radford.edu Secretary
Kyle Gray
kgray26@radford.edu Treasurer
Dr. Brockway brockway@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Men's Club Baseball

Name Email address Position
Jacob Martinez
jmartinez@radford.edu President
John Rogerson
jrogerson2@radford.edu Vice President
Cory Bonomo
cbonomo@radford.edu Secretary
TJ Belcher
tbelcher4@radford.edu Treasurer
Kevin Ayers
ekayers@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Ice Hockey

Name Email address Position
Stephen Jesu sjesu@radford.edu President
Jay Brach rbrach@radford.edu Vice President
Tommy Polkowski tpolkowsk@radford.edu Secretary
Sarah Ross seross@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Radford Red Coats

Name Email address Position
Molly Kinahan mkinahan@radford.edu President
Erin Brugman ebrugman@radford.edu Vice President
Connie Reichelt creichelt@radford.edu Secretary
Chelsey Steward cstewart28@radford.edu Treasurer
Nancy Taylor ntaylor@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Men's Club Volleyball

Name Email address Position
Nicholas LeMay nlemay@radford.edu President/Treasurer
Timothy Senter tsenter@radford.edu Vice President
Michael Carroll mcarroll34@radford.edu Secretary
Marci Jenkins mtjenkins@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Women's Lacrosse

Name Email address Position
Alyssa Tompkins atompkins3@radford.edu President
Astin Altenburn aaltenbur@radford.edu Vice President
Sarah Arslanian sarslania@radford.edu Secretary
Marie Triolo mtriolo@radford.edu Treasurer
Danylle Kunkel drkunkel@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Fishing Club

Name Email address Position
Travis Lively talively@radford.edu President
Steven Jarrells sbjarrells@radford.edu Vice President
Josh Wittenberg jawittenb@radford.edu Secretary
James Newman jnewman19@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Women's Club Softball

Name Email address Position
Stanatasia Fountain-Yates sfountain3@radford.edu President
Stephanie Ryan sryan12@radford.edu Vice President
Sami Whitt spwhitt@radford.edu Secretary
John Knowles jknowles5@radford.edu Faculty Advisor


Name Email address Position
Luke Vance lvance4@radford.edu President
Chris Fox cfox21@radford.edu Vice President
Tyler Reedy treedy3@radford.edu Secretary
Arielle Rosmarino arosmarino@radford.edu Treasurer
Jamie Best jbest6@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Men's Club Basketball

Name Email address Position
Joe Tabatabain jtabataba@radford.edu President
Chase Bartalone cbartalon@radford.edu Vice President
Curtis Sink cjsink@radford.edu Faculty Advisor

Men's Club Soccer

Name Email address Position
Matt Walker mwalker50@radford.edu President
Kyle Spycher kspycher@radford.edu Vice President