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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I become a member?

To become a member in a Greek organization at Radford University, students must participate in the recruitment/intake process. The recruitment/intake process is different for each Greek council. Contact each council individually to learn more about the respective processes.

Is there a minimum cumulative G.P.A. requirement to become a member?

Yes. Students must have and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above to go through recruitment.

Can first semester freshmen become members of Greek chapters?

No. Radford University has a deferred recruitment/intake process; hence, freshmen must wait until the Spring semester to go through the recruitment/intake process.

How many Greek organizations are at Radford University?

There are 21 fraternities and sororities.

What are the benefits of joining a Greek organization?

Members of Greek organizations are part of an international network of brothers/sisters! They share a common bond of meaningful ideals, rituals, and principles. Membership is also an avenue for service, scholastic support, and leadership experiences.

What is a "recognized Greek organization"?

These are the 21 Greek organizations that are affiliated with Radford University. All recognized Greek organizations at Radford University are committed to scholastic achievement, service, leadership, and friendship. The organizations in the three councils should not be confused with the "off campus"/unrecognized groups.

Additional questions?

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