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Below are some of the most commonly used student activities forms. Completed forms should be returned to the related department.


Funding from the Club Programming Committee (CPC) is available for registered student organizations to host on-campus programs or to attend conferences or other out-of-town activities.

Turn in completed applications to Student Organization Assistance & Resources (SOAR) in Hurlburt Student Center room 235.  Applications received by 4pm on Wednesdays will be reviewed at the following week’s CPC meeting. The student whose signature is on the application will receive an email with further instructions. If the application passes initial screenings, the organization applying for funding must send a student representative to the meeting to make a presentation to the funding committee. Pay careful attention to application deadlines as indicated in the application instructions.

On-Campus Program Funding

To host an on-campus program, please complete this application:
Guidelines and Application for ON-CAMPUS PROGRAM FUNDING

If other organizations would like to co-sponsor the program and apply for additional funding, in addition to the application you submit, those organizations should each complete this application: CPC Funding Application to CO-SPONSOR an On-Campus Program

Travel Funding

To request funding for travel opportunities, please submit a travel itinerary along with this application:
Club Programming Committee TRAVEL FUNDING Guidelines and Application

Student Funded Programming and Travel Forms

Student Clubs and Organizations Information and Forms