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2013-2014 Virginia Educator Tuition and Fees

Full-time Tuition and Fees (12-18 hours)1


Semester Total

Year Total


   $  2,618

   $  5,236

Mandatory Technology Fee

   $ 27

   $ 54

Mandatory Comprehensive Fee

   $  1,445

   $  2,890

     Total Virginia Educator

   $  4,090

   $  8,180

Part-time Tuition and Fees (1-11 credit hours per semester)1


Cost per credit hour



Mandatory Technology Fee


Mandatory Comprehensive Fee


     Total Virginia Educator


1A student taking more than 18 credit hours per semester will be charged the additional hours at the credit hour rate for part-time students.

Other Fees (not included in previous amounts)

  Cost per course or hour
Science Lab Fee $35 per course
Bowling Fee $45 per course
Music Fee $250 per hour
Wilderness First Responder Fee $160 per course
Anatomy Fee (DPT program) $500 per course
General Clinical Fee (DPT program) $75 per course
Advance Practice Fee (DPT program) $140 per course