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Staff Senate Committees

Staff Senate Standing Committees

Policies & Issues Chair - Sandra Steele
Sammy Shumate
Pam Caldwell
Elections & Nominations Chair - Carolyn Hopkins
Pam Caldwell

Chair - Carolyn Sutphin
Donna Alley

Staff and Community Relations Chair - Sandra Steele
Mary (Sweetsie Gilmore)
Lydia McCallister
Benny Skeens

S&CR AdHoc Committee and Assignments

Scholarship Liaison Lydia McCallister
Spirit Committee Pam Caldwell
Thomas Cochran
Cindy Eller
Don Fisher
Sandra Long
Rhonda Mah
Peggy Perdue
Neal Thompson
Sharon Viars
Renee Akers
VGEA Liaison Lynn Phillips

University Committees

Bookstore Advisory:  Karen Montgomery Dining Services Advisory:  Christi Wayne
Diversity and Equity Action: Tabitha Greear Intercollegiate Athletics: Rhonda Mah
Parking & Traffic: TBA Planning & Budget: Laura Quesenberry
University Executive: Sam Shumate/Pam Caldwell