Grant Process

Start writing early by:

  • Creating a file that highlights the credibility of you and the organization.
  • Begin your literature review.
  • Write about your research idea.

 Find a Funding Opportunity

  • Contact Ginger Williams at 540-831-5912  to assist with finding an opportunity and to receive an account on Pivot, a comprehensive database of funding opportunities.

Read and Re-Read the Funding Solicitation

  • Know exactly what the sponsor is looking to fund.
  • Find out the mission of the sponsor.
  • Tweak your research idea to the funding opportunity.

 Contact the Program Officer at the sponsoring agency

  • This is an important step to make sure the sponsor is interested in the project.

 Meet with Sponsored Programs

  • Begin Developing a Budget.
  • Receive Research Design Assistance.

 Start Writing your Proposal

  • While you write, SPGM completes application package.
  • Proofreading and Grammar services provided by SPGM.

 Internal Approval

  • Obtain the internal routing form from SPGM.
  • Obtain signatures from PI, Chair and Dean.
  • Return to SPGM, and we will obtain the remaining signatures.


  • SPGM submits all proposal whether electronic or mail submission.