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Internal Funding

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Faculty Professional Development Leave Program 2013-2014 (November 18, 2013)

The Radford University Faculty Professional Development Leave Program provides tenured faculty an opportunity to engage in advanced study, research, and/or other scholarly and creative activities that will enhance their competencies as teachers/scholars and better prepare them to fulfill their teaching and other professional obligations to the university. This program supports traditional forms of professional development as well as alternative opportunities that would enable a faculty member to intern with a company, agency, school, or other such entity in order to enhance, reestablish, or re-energize their research, scholarship, or creative activity in their area of professional practice. Leave may be requested at full pay for one semester or at one-half pay for two semesters, according to the terms specified in the Faculty Handbook. Faculty are responsible for their own living expenses.

Leave may be requested at full pay for one semester or at one-half pay for two semesters, according to the terms specified in the Faculty Handbook. To maximize the number of awards that can be made annually, faculty are encouraged to consider leave requests of one year at (half) pay or adjustments of workload within the department, where possible. Additional salary support for faculty is not allowed.

Seed Grant Program (Deadlines: September 15, October 15, November 15, December 15, January 15, February 15, March 15 and April 15 )

Seed Grants are one-year grants to fund pilot or preliminary work leading to external funding for large research/creative projects by members of the faculty and staff. Awards are generally under $20,000.

Quick Response Grants (Deadlines: Submit at any time)

Quick Response Grants assist member of the faculty and staff to be able to secure externally funded grants and contracts when there is not enough time to go through the normal Proposal Development Award process. These short-term awards are primarily to purchase time for a principal author and/or assistant to write a competitive award for a specific Request for Proposal (RFP) without much lead time.

Traveling to Potential Sponsors (Deadlines: Submit at any time)

Assistance with travel costs to discuss a proposal with personnel from a potential funding source is available for a limited number of projects. Travel may be made by the Principal Investigator/Project Director alone or with someone from the Office of Sponsored Programs & Grants Management. Contact SPGM for more information at (540-831-5035) or by email at spgm@radford.edu.

University-Wide Research/Scholarly Project Award (Deadline: October 14, 2013)

University-Wide Grants are to provide support to two or more full time instructional faculty (teaching and research faculty and administrative professional faculty whose contracts require scholarly engagement) engaged in a jointly authored, multi-disciplinary research project.  Faculty, who receive this award, are expected to provide products (articles, books, performances, exhibitions, grant applications) that are peer reviewed/juried.