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October 3, 2011

Student Government Association
October 3, 2011

Call to Order – 5:02 p.m.

Roll Call

Approval of the Minutes – Approved

Open Forum

  1. Environmental Club – Paul Fink, Co-President of the Environmental Club, came and proposed the SGA’s co-funding of an event to distribute re-useable containers at the showings of environmental informational films to promote conservation. The SGA co-sponsored this last year.

President’s Report - Lee Hicks

  1. Ad-Hoc Committee creation with the RHA to plan “Amerifest” in April. President Hicks will report further on several subjects next week. Also, please be conscious of and utilize email and office etiquette.

Executive Vice President’s Report - Emily Redd

  1. Make-Up Retreat – will be tonight, Oct. 3rd, after the Senate meeting for an hour and a half to two hours.
  2. Office Hours – Everyone must sign up for at least one hour per week to be in the office to answer phones, do SGA related business, or homework. Today will be the last day to sign up for office hours. If there are any further questions, please contact Secretary Edwards (bedwards3@radford.edu).
  3. Ring Ceremony – October 14th at 5:30pm in the Covington Center. This is a mandatory event and all should dress in formal business attire. The Outstanding Parent Award Essays are due on October 5th by noon.

Legislative Vice President’s Report - Justin Blankenship

  1. Chain of Command – If Senators have ideas, emails, proposals, questions, send them to LVP Blankenship (jeblankenship@radford.edu) and Cab/Staff positions should send all inquiries to Chief of Staff Randall (rrandall@radford.edu).
  2. Email Etiquette – Emails to be sent out to your grade level or college should be sent to Director Paoletti (jpaoletti@radford.edu) and LVP Blankenship (for Senators) or Chief of Staff Randall (for Cab/Staff) should be copied senders.

Vice President of Student Finance’s Report - Nicole Munsey

  1. No report

Chief of Staff’s Report - Randi-Lyn Randall

  1. Cab/Staff Interviews are finished – there are still a few positions open. Contact Chief of Staff Randall (rrandall@radford.edu) if interested.
  2. Cab/Staff Email Check-Ins – Cab/Staff will receive individual emails weekly discussing weekly duties etc.

Senate Reports

  1. Senator Testerman
    1. Campus Parking – Ad-Hoc Committee to come for Parking.
    2. Handicapped Accessibility – Handicapped Accessibility checks for all buildings on campus to make sure the university is compliant with state regulations.
    3. On Campus Child Care – to be proposed. Early Childhood Majors or Graduate Students could run a center. 5 universities in Virginia have already implemented on-campus child care.
    4. Bike Racks – will make sure that we have enough bike racks for the number of students with bikes.
    5. New Logo – will be proposed soon. Showed everyone an idea and asked that any additions or ideas be shared.
  2. Senator Testerman on behalf of Director McCage
    1. School Spirit Committee – Greek “Ultimate Highlander” event, tailgating for sporting events, RU After Dark Program idea, any ideas for promoting school spirit or events, or interest in joining the committee should be sent to Director McCage (amccage@radford.edu).
  3. Senator Lawrence
    1. Mandatory Undergraduate Internships Committee – will try to form a committee to increase experience for students to aid with obtaining a job by requiring internships. This will be carried out by college or program.
  4. Senator Midkiff
    1. My Tuition Ad-Hoc Committee Update – Meeting Thursday at 4 or 5 p.m.
    2. Meeting with the Dean of the College of Business and Economics, Faye Gilbert – Anything to be shared with her should be sent to Senator Midkiff (cmidkiff4@radford.edu).
    3. COBE Student Advisory Board Meeting – this week. Will report more next week.

Cabinet and Staff Reports

  1. Coordinator McCoy
    1. “What’s Your Number?” Sob Story Videos – Virginia21 – Education Advocacy Organization is asking students to make a video about their college debt and the rise in tuition to make a difference with students’ ability to pay for school. T-shirts with the amount of debt students have may be made.
  2. Director Paoletti
    1. Weekly Update – Things that you want the whole student body to know should be sent to Director Paoletti (jpaoletti@radford.edu) to be sent out through email.
  3. Coordinator Hammond
    1. Pets for Pets – Volunteer program to help with the adoption of animals (excluding cats) will be on Friday, October 28 tentatively 11am-3pm. Volunteers will just have to walk a dog around the Bonnie. Sign-up sheets will be posted soon. Any questions, please contact Coordinator Hammond (bhammond3@radford.edu).
    2. Homecoming Dance – A vote was taken to estimate how many would be interested in having an actual Homecoming dance in the spring. There will be a meeting on Wednesday, the 5th at 5 p.m..
  4. Coordinator White
    1. Biographies for the website – send a short biography to Coordinator White (nwhite15@radford.edu) to have posted on the website by next Monday, October 10th. A time will be placed soon to have pictures taken.

Old Business

  1. Motion to approve Senate positions – Moved, Seconded, PASSED. Senators were sworn in to office.
    1. Sarah Kistler, At Large Senator
    2. Emily Burnette, At Large Senator
    3. Elliot Blumberg, At Large Senator
    4. Nathan Dorr, On Campus Senator
    5. Eryn Bartholomew, Off Campus Senator
    6. Reed Imhoff, Senator of Visual and Performing Arts
    7. Charles Midkiff, COBE Senator
    8. Lauren Jackson, College of Education and Human Development Senator
    9. Kate Wampler, CHUBS Senator
    10. Judy Grigsby, CHUBS Senator
    11. Samantha Shifflett, Health Sciences Senator
    12. Kyle Davies, Pre-major Senator
    13. Daniel Testerman, Senior Class Senator
    14. James Lawrence, Junior Class Senator
    15. Gavin Proffitt, Freshman Class Senator
  2. External Issue: Request for one-time funding of $2700 for electrical improvements in Peters Hall to allow for late-night events– was tabled last week.  Moved, seconded, and passed.
  3. Nancy White was approved as Website Administrator.

New Business

  1. Motion to suspend roberts rules of order. – moved, seconded, PASSED.
  2. Motion to approve cab/staff positions of:  – moved, seconded, PASSED. Cab/Staff positions were sworn in.
    1. Dylan Smith, Historian
    2. Heather Manias, Communications Assistant
    3. Nahom Negash, FYC Chair
    4. Melissa Michael, FYC Co-Chair
    5. Emily Mayer, FYC Secretary
    6. Pinar Maurice, FYC Publicity Coordinator
  3. Reinstatement of Robert’s Rules – Moved, Seconded
  4. Vote on Co-Sponsorship of the Environmental Club Event – The motion to cosponsor the event up to $300 was tabled until next week.


  1. Demonstrations sheet was passed out which discusses the Student Expressions Bill. Everyone was asked to read it over and speak with constituents. The motion was tabled until next week. Any further questions should be sent to Senator Blumberg (eblumberg@radford.edu).
  2. Chief of Staff Randall
    1. Career Services’ need a group of 7 juniors. Email Chief of Staff Randall (rrandall@radford.edu) if interested.
    2. Voter Registration or Absentee Ballots can be obtained Friday. Email Senator Midkiff with questions (cmidkiff4@radford.edu).

Adjournment – 6:07 p.m.