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November 7, 2011

Student Government Association
November 7, 2011

Call to Order – 5:05 p.m.

Roll Call

Approval of the Minutes – approved

Gallery Addresses the Body – none

President’s Report - Lee Hicks

  1. BOV – The Board of Visitors will be meeting this Wednesday in Roanoke for the last time until February. President Hicks will try to be in attendance.

Executive Vice President’s Report - Emily Redd

  1. Forum Question Table – The forum will be held on Thursday, December 1 at 5 p.m. in the Bonnie Auditorium. This will be a MANDATORY event. There will be a table set up in the Bonnie next Tuesday-Thursday from 12-3 p.m. for the collection of questions for the forum.
  2. Parking Committee will meet after the meeting.

Legislative Vice President’s Report - Justin Blankenship

  1. Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

Vice President of Student Finance’s Report - Nicole Munsey

  1. Dance Department Request – to be discussed in New Business
  2. $2,319.81 is requested to be taken from the dance Department reserve for costumes for the Evening of Ballet and the Nutcracker Performance.

Chief of Staff’s Report - Randi-Lyn Randall

  1. Budget is $19,000.
  2. A thank-you card will be in the office for members to sign this week.

Senate Reports

  1. Senator Dorr
    1. Occupy___Movement Panel – more to come

Cabinet and Staff Reports

Old Business

  1. Senator Blumberg
    1. Vote on Demonstration Areas/Student Expression Policy Changes/Additions – Discussion and debate was held concerning these changes. Voted – PASSED
  2. Senator Lawrence
    1. Proposal – $150 – Nov. 30 at 7 p.m. in the Bonnie Auditorium will be the Internship Awareness event. $150 will go towards a small reception for the event. – untabled and PASSED

New Business

  1. Senator Dorr
    1. RUEMS – $2,000 for digital radios – deferred to VP Munsey due to the nature of the request – One Time Request from SFC
  2. VP Redd
    1. Asking up to $100 for Pizza for the Forum – tabled until next week
  3. Suspend Robert’s Rules – suspended
  4. VP Munsey
    1. Dance Department Request – (see #8, Vp Munsey’s Report) – voted, PASSED
  5. Reinstate Robert’s Rules – reinstated


  1. Thanksgiving Luncheon Sign-Up Reminder – there is a sign-up sheet for members to state what they will be bringing to the Thanksgiving Luncheon. Also, please get $2 to Chris Puddy for this purpose. This is THIS SUNDAY AT 3 p.m.!
  2. Coordinator Puerto – “Dread the Red” is gone. There may be a t-shirt and slogan competition held, but it must be in time to have shirts ready by baseball season. There is still an issue with the decision on Homecoming – will be informed for sure later on. There is no longer a scholarship.
  3. Anything for the Weekly Update should be sent to Director Paoletti (jpaoletti@radford.edu)

Adjournment – 6:04 p.m.