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February 6, 2012

Student Government Association
February 6, 2012

Call to Order – 5:03 p.m.

Roll Call

Approval of the Minutes

Gallery Addresses the Body

  1. Karen Matheny USA Today Representative- February 20th as a trial start up till, then a cost of $3,000 (Will ask FSC to fund this portion) to continue throughout the year. Roanoke Times and USA Today. $20,000 for next year. Would need ID to obtain a newspaper. Also recycle them.
  2. Dr. Webster Garrett- Sheets were passed around as a brainstorming activity. Email ewebster2@radford.edu with any ideas you have about getting students a Greek Life Representative

President’s Report - Emily Redd

  1. Student appreciation day surveys were passed out
  2. Spirit Rock meeting is at 4 next Monday
  3. Packets are due March 1 for elections and then once packets are turned in, campaigning will begin.

Executive Vice President Report - Brittni Hammond

Legislative Vice President’s Report - Justin Blankenship

  1. Contact with any fun, new ways of how to vote for elections. (i.e. polling stations)
  2. Needs people to sit at table in Heth basement to give out free stuff

Vice President of Student Finance’s Report - Nicole Munsey

Chief of Staff’s Report - Randi-Lyn Randall

  1. Bring business cards to homecoming for the past Radford presidents
  2. Read email about money machine (homecoming plans)

Senate Reports

  1. Elliot Blumberg
    1. Student Appreciation-Sheet was passed around for those who want to help with Student Appreciation.

Cabinet and Staff Reports

  1. Coordinator McCoy
    1. Advocacy Day
    2. Bus leaves at 12 Wednesday
  2. Director Paoletti
    1. Elections

Old Business

  1. Charles Midkiff
    1. USA Today (Motioned and approved to untable) (Trial period approved)

New Business

  1. Suspend Robert’s Rules (Motioned, Seconded)
  2. Randi-Lynn Randall
  3. Approve up to $500 for homecoming halftime show
  4. Kate Resigned from duties as CHUBS representative and is now a coordinator
  5. Reinstate Robert’s Rules (Motioned, Seconded)


Adjournment - 6:16 p.m.