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Colby Bender


Dear fellow students,

Welcome to all of you, new and returning, on behalf of the Student Government Association! My name is Colby Bender and I will be your Student Body President for the upcoming 2014-2015 academic year. Yes, I did refer to myself as your Student Body President because the Student Government Association’s top priority is to serve every student at Radford University and ensure that every student voice is being heard no matter what.

As officers of the Student Government Association, it is our duty to represent the student body based on building new traditions while maintaining existing ones. This is the 100th year of the Student Government Association at Radford University which means that the existing traditions become very influential as many alumni of previous ‘SGAs’ are returning to campus. Additionally, as we begin the path to another 100 years, our initiatives will serve as a gateway to strengthen the bond of our student body in a profound, innovative way.

This year, our goals include continuing to make our campus and community safer, hosting a plethora of events intended to heighten school spirit, promoting recycling and sustainability in every aspect, increasing communication and collaboration among every student organization, and giving back to our university and community all while encompassing the upmost sense of Highlander Pride that everyone strives to embody. It is important that we achieve these goals, not just as a Student Government, but as a campus at large. Working together to ensure that our university, community, and student body are strong and united is a challenge that I promise I will not fail at.

We have our weekly Monday SGA meeting each week in the upstairs of the Bonnie in the Combo Room, 248-250. Please come up and sit in the viewing gallery to have a weekly update of the progress we are making. Also, please come up to our office on the second floor of the Bonnie, Room 208, if you need anything at all! Like us on Facebook and Twitter for updates about campus events, voice your opinion, and rack up on RU swag. Just search “Radford Student Government” in your search bar!

Your Friend,

Colby Bender