How can I access information about the program?

Pretty much everything is on our website – we are a very digitally driven program.  Alternatively, check out the contacts on our Contact page.  

Do you have to enter as a Freshman?

SCI is targeted to Sophomores and Juniors primarily, and is a great fit for transfer students in particular.  We have tiered levels of distinction that allow you to pursue a Scholar-Citizen diploma starting as late as the second semester of your junior year.  

Can I enter the program and graduate as a Scholar-Citizen if I am a Senior?

We’ve been asked if folks can enter in as a Senior, and the answer is “yes” with the proviso that all SCI candidates must go through a formal ePortfolio defense process their senior year.  In general that means,   

  • To graduate as a Scholar-Citizen Fellow, we recommend a minimum of 4 full semesters in the program (meaning you join at the end of your Sophomore year or at the beginning of your Junior year);    
  • To graduate as a Scholar-Citizen, we recommend a minimum of two full semesters (meaning that the latest you might join is at the end of your Junior year).    

In sum, entering into the SCI program as a Senior and graduating with distinction as a Scholar-Citizen can be done, but it is recommended that you begin working toward your SCI diploma earlier.  

I haven’t taken any SCI designated classes and my major doesn’t offer any, so how could I meet that requirement? 

A student can apply to have courses SCI designated using our online application system (go to SCI Applications and Grants =>SCI in the Classroom).  Your faculty member must apply with you as a co-applicant and supply a letter of support.  A student could also encourage faculty to apply for SCI designation for the entire course (highly recommended). 

What is an ePortfolio, and how do I get started?

First, an “eportfolio” is literally a digital collection of work demonstrating your learning. Artists, architects, designers, and journalists are examples of professionals who create portfolios of their work to share with prospective clients, employers, and graduate schools. As the designer or writer takes the “reader” (usually a prospective client or employer) through the portfolio, she or he explains the context of each work, what a particular piece exemplifies, and how taken together the collection demonstrates the skills and qualities needed for certification.  

To help you develop your ePortfolio, each semester we have 4 formal ePortfolio feedback sessions held in one of the computer labs in Walker Hall.

We also have links to several ePortfolios on our website, along with many other resources (see the Resources tab). 

Who can I talk with to find out if SCI fits with my major?

Each College has a SCI Steering Committee member who is available to talk about SCI and how it might fit with a student’s program of study. The Steering Committee roster is available on the website under the Contact Us tab.