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Scholar-Citizen Experiences

Scholar-Citizen Intensive, or "SCI", experiences attend to the whole student, helping you develop records of achievement in areas important to prospective employers and graduate schools. 

A recent national survey reports that 91% of employers say that, whatever their major, all students should have experiences in solving problems with people whose views are different than their own. (Hart Research Associates. It Takes More Than a Major: Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success, 2013).

The Scholar-Citizen program prepares students for their life after college by integrating classroom and co-curricular activities that put their intellectual skills to work for the public good and that emphasize collaborative problem-solving. Your record of achievement is showcased in a robsut ePortfolio that demonstrates your skills, knowledge, and capabilities to prospective employers, internship providers, and graduate programs. 

Typical SCI “beyond the classroom” opportunities include specially structured internships, international learning experiences, national and international service trips, and leadership development programming.

Research also suggests that ePortfolios are becoming increasingly important to graduate schools and employers, and can make a difference between winning a competitively sought internship, job, or seat in a graduate program. In consequence, a central component of the Scholar-Citizen experience is cultivation of a robust ePortfolio showcasing the exemplary work and rich potential our students bring to prospective employers and graduate programs. 

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