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About the Program

Radford University Scholar-Citizens seek experiences that will help them develop meaningful connections between their academic experiences and their personal, professional, and civic lives.  These students enroll in classes and pursue co-curricular experiences that actively engage the complex problems and issues confronting our local, national, and global communities.

The Scholar-Citizen program attracts change-agents and thought leaders, students who want to make a difference and who seek mentors and peers who place a similar value on putting their university education to work for the public good.  

We have several programs that might interest you as you pursue your RU education. The following links highlight some of our recent and forthcoming programs:  

  • Scholar-Citizen Fellows program
  • Scholar-Citizens in Action Summer Grant program
  • Ask Big Questions Campaign
  • Student Professional Development Support
  • ePortfolio Development
  • Co-Curricular Grants
  • Scholar-Citizen Student Organization

Students who wish to pursue graduating as Scholar-Citizens or Scholar-Citizen Fellows must apply online by filling out the Scholar-Citizen application and joining the Scholar-Citizen Student Organization, which can be found in the RUinvolved section on the MyRU portal.