The Scholar-Citizen Experience

Scholar-Citizen Initiative (abbreviated as SCI, pronounced “sky”) was developed to support academic and co-curricular experiences across the university that apply academic skills and knowledge to addressing real-world “wicked problems” in order to promote social and economic change. SCI focuses on the connection between civic-minded learning and the holistic development of the skills, knowledge, and critical habits of mind that empower students to be agents of change for themselves, for their families, and for their communities. At the core of Scholar-Citizen is a deep commitment to inclusive excellence. Our mission is to support and inspire students from diverse backgrounds and to connect them with the issues challenging our communities, with the faculty mentors who model innovation and professional practice, and with the opportunities that will allow them to stand out to their future employers as they build careers of meaning and lives of purpose. 

There are multiple ways to be a Scholar-Citizen at Radford University. From research expeditions in the Arctic Circle to volunteering and advocacy campaigns for local causes, Scholar-Citizens engage in a wide variety of initiatives. Common to all SCI experiences, though, is the fusion of academic learning with community involvement.



Who is a Scholar-Citizen?

Scholar-Citizens are in every college; they are faculty, staff, and students who work together to connect and apply academic skills and knowledge to address real-world issues and to promote political, cultural, social and economic change.

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How can I earn Scholar-Citizen distinction?  

Students who successfully complete a minimum set of academic and co-curricular experiences may graduate with status as "Scholar-Citizens."

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How can I get involved?

Students can join the Scholar-Citizen Student Club, attend one of our many events or register for a "SCI" class.

Faculty can join our SCI listserv, attend one of our workshops, or apply for SCI designation of a course or co-curricular.  

Check out the News and Events pages and scan our list of classes to see the kinds of academic experiences we offer. 

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