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Service Learning Courses

Radford University offers students several courses in which service learning and community based research has been integrated.

Community, Service, and Leadership
(Counselor Education 461), TR 2 – 3:15 p.m., Spring.  This course is intended to help students develop the practical knowledge, skills, and perspectives around service, citizenship, and civic life and leadership through involvement in the community of Radford.  A primary activity in the course will be a service project in which students engage and work with the local Radford and/or New River Valley community.  Our seminars involve community members/leaders to consider challenges and ideas for creating more vibrant, just, and sustainable local communities.  From this course students will gain direct experience working with ‘real world’ issues. Contact Mr. Tim Filbert for more information. 

Qualitative Research Methods / Research in Appalachia
The Fall 2013 SCHOLAR-CITIZEN (SCI) COURSE, SOCY 482/582, Qualitative Research Methods cross-listed as APST 495/595, Research in Appalachia (register for either course) (3 credits),
Dr. Melinda Wagner, MW 4:00-5:15.  Do you want to prepare to participate in projects as an interviewer, analyst, and moviemaker? This course leads the way by teaching interviewing, audio and video recording, analysis, and movie-making skills. The course also serves as preparation if you decide to mentor high school age interviewers by taking SCI SOCY 493—FLOYD COUNTY PLACE-BASED EDUCATION PROJECT—in Spring 2014 semester.

Critical Perspectives in Criminal Justice
(CRJU-495), (3 credit hours) - Designed to emphasize a variety of applied and synthesizing skills, including oral communication, intensive writing, and service learning.  Decision making skills and ethics will also be emphasized in the area of public policy.

Mathematics Education in the Public Interest
This involves a partnership with a local organization, Beans & Rice, to help children from low and moderate-income families to learn and appreciate the use of mathematics.  The project involves pairing students in the class Mathematics for Social Analysis with elementary and middle-school students through an after-school program.  Contact Dr. Laura Jacobsen for more information. 

Early Development and Learning: Infants and Toddlers
(EDEC 321) Students in this Interdisciplinary Studies Early Education course volunteer 20 hours at Rainbow Riders with infants and toddlers. 

Early Development and Learning: Preschool through Primary Grades
(EDEC 322) & EDSP 436 - These courses involve tutoring and work with Head Start classrooms.

Field Applications of Professional Studies in the Elementary Classroom (EDUC 430) and Student Teaching: Pre-K through Sixth
(EDUC 450) - As part of a partnership with the Radford City Schools, RU Book Buddies is a tutoring program that provides supplementary reading and writing instruction to students in the first grade at low cost to the Radford City school system. Contact Dr. Don Langrher for more information. 

Engaging the Community
(SOCY 486), Taught by Dr. Mary LaLone, TR 2:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.  Learn the most effective community-based approaches, methods, and career skills for successfully partnering with community groups to carry out applied research in community development, social services, health care, education, environmental action, heritage preservation, and more topics tailored to student interests. Includes a 3 - 4 week experience in which you apply your skills to assist a community organization, the Wilderness Road Regional Museum, engaging in student-community collaborative brainstorming and problem-solving. This is an excellent career-training and resume-building Scholar-Citizen class.

Leadership and Motivation
(Management 421) - Among the partners this class has worked with have been the Radford animal shelter and fire department, Beans and Rice, and the Blacksburg Church of Christ. Contact Dr. Bruce Blaylock, at bblayloc@radford.edu.

Topics in Ethical Inquiry: Floyd County Place-Based Education Oral History Project
(Honors/Scholar-Citizen CORE 202), Taught by Dr. Melinda Wagner, R 11:00 a.m. - 1:45 p.m. - Prepare to be a Scholar-Citizen by practicing sociological skills of observation, interviewing, and movie-making in Spring 2013 CORE 202 where you will mentor Floyd County High School students in a place-based education project focused on interviewing community elders and producing movies about their lives.