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Service Learning Scholarships and Resources

The following information is specific for faculty members seeking to learn more about service learning scholarships or additional resources related to civic engagement.

RU Scholar-Citizen Grants
Grants are available to support Scholar-Citizen learning activities and projects embedded within courses. Approximately ten "mini-grants" of up to $500/each will be awarded during both the fall and spring semesters in order to support Scholar-Citizen learning activities and projects for not just courses but also for co-curricular programs that complement the Scholar-Citizen learning outcomes and/or program goals.  These grants can helps students with projects and events that engage students with community and societal issues. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis while funds last. Learn more about these grants.

Although there are many websites that provide quality service-learning information and resources, some of our favorites for those who are just getting started are:

State and National Scholarship/Research Opportunities

Scholarship on service-learning is offering some important and exciting contributions to this relatively new pedagogy.  The following list offers several journals in which you can publish articles/research on service-learning, present service-learning research at conferences, identify colleagues who share your research interests related to service-learning, and augment your knowledge about service-learning from other faculty in your discipline.