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Past Civic Engagement Projects

The following are just a few of the many projects Radford University students and faculty have completed in collaboration with local communities.

Floyd County Oral History Project

This course has involved sociology majors who teach workshops in qualitative research methods and mentor high school students who do oral history interviews with Floyd County elders and make movies!

Community Service and Leadership (COED 461)

  • Sense of Place Project - This project was intended to identify what gives Radford Community a "sense of place" through photography. Students photographed different aspects of the community, interviewed community members, and wrote short essays discussing how these places and photos relate to course content and ideas.
  • Garden Project, Fall 2010 - This project involved a case study related to local foods and food security (farmer's markets, community gardening, hunger relief, food pantries, after-school nutrition programs). COED461 students planted their own garden in partnership with Canterbury House. Produce from the garden and local farmers were used to prepare a community meal in collaboration with the Women’s Resource Center. 

Center for Social and Cultural Research

The center has completed projects with the Women’s Resource Center, Mountain View Cemetery, and the Floyd County Old Church Gallery.