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About the Office of Community Engagement

The Office of Community Engagement was established in 2009 to support Radford University's mission to prepare students for lives as active citizens and scholars able to contribute and lead positive social change. Our office consists of an Assistant Director, Tim Filbert, and several students who help to connect other students with service-learning opportunities. Our mission is to engage students in local, regional and broader communities to support their growth as mature, socially responsible, and well-educated citizens through experiences that address human and community needs. Specifically, we seek to:

  • Coordinate and develop a range of service-learning (SL) experiences: one-time and short-term experiences, discipline-based SL courses, community-based research, and intensive SL experiences. 
  • Raise awareness about crucial social concerns and encourage students to view themselves as part of local and global communities, and challenge them to understand and seek solutions to the complex root causes of these systemic problems.
  • To strengthen connections between theory and practice by integrating community service with academic coursework/research.
  • Integrate service activities into both curricular and student-led (co-curricular) programs.
  • Develop leadership opportunities for students.

"From their earliest days, state colleges and universities have diligently served in their role as stewards of place, answering the call to join with public and private partners in their communities and regions to take advantage of opportunities and confront challenges." (AASCU, 2002)