All That and More

By Amanda Linares ’02

Amanda Linares

Amanda Linares ’02

When I chose Radford for my undergraduate degree, I was looking for small classes, a beautiful campus, interesting courses and friendly people. I found all of that and more at Radford. When I think of Radford now, I think first and foremost of my exceptionally dedicated professors. 

Every professor I had was in love with the subject matter, and it showed. Their passion was infectious, and I learned so much more than I ever expected, even in my required general education courses. My professors were able to pass on their vast knowledge with pronounced enthusiasm because the classes were small enough to foster a personal
relationship with each and every student.

Radford means beautiful views. At Radford I found a love for geology. I had always avoided science class, and I dreaded my forced lab science credits. Instead, I found myself in Dr. Sethi’s geology class wondering how I could add a major to my curriculum. I only minored in geology, but I took advantage of all the “off sites” the department had to offer. These trips gave me the opportunity to drink in the stunning views of the New River Valley and beyond.

Radford also means international wanderlust. When I arrived at Radford, I had never traveled outside the United States. Radford allowed me to study abroad twice in my four years. I was able to take trips to places I never before dreamed of seeing and never could have afforded without financial aid. 

By incorporating travel into my education, I was able to take trips to South America and Europe while studying my major—political science, not foreign language. I was able to travel in a safe environment with other students and with professors who had been to the locations before.

The Radford experience was one of building lifelong friendships. I still stay in touch with my former roommates from both on campus and off, and many of my professors. We had fun at BT’s and Macado’s, and we ordered late-night cuisine from Chancey’s, Mike’s and Central Market. We would preplan our trips to Christiansburg and Roanoke to go shopping. No matter what we did, we always had fun.

Radford gave me the foundation and the confidence to pursue my law degree. I have lived many places since leaving Radford, but none compare. The sense of community and purpose I experienced at Radford are unparalleled. I have not lived in a more beautiful place or met friendlier people.

Amanda Linares ’02 is an attorney with the U.S. Air Force JAG Corps in Shreveport, La.