Early Arrival Request

Students participating in university sanctioned activities requiring them to move in early, such as move-in volunteers, athletes, university employees etc. must register with their program adviser/supervisor.  

Program advisers/supervisors who wish to have their participant/employee move in early need to contact Karen Sutherland at ksutherland1@radford.edu.

Individual students who have extenuating circumstances requiring them to move into their assigned residence hall or apartment prior to the official university opening date must complete this request form. Students who are approved to arrive early who are not on campus for a university sanctioned purpose must pay a nightly fee for each night they stay on campus prior to official opening day.  

Residence hall Nightly rate
Traditional double (Muse) $22.70
Standard double - Phase I (Floyd, Ingles, Norwood, Peery, Stuart, Trinkle, Tyler) $25.64
Standard double - Phase II (Bolling, Draper, Jefferson, Madison, Moffett, Pocahontas, Washington) $26.41
Standard - Super Suite $27.73
Apartment/Deluxe Super Suite $29.55
Temporary Residence Hall Room $26.41

Any student arriving before Sunday, August 14, 2017 will be given a temporary assignment and must move to their permanent room assignment on Sunday, August 14, 2017 between noon - 5 p.m. We do not offer temporary housing prior to August 1.

May 25, 2017