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Off Campus Education Session Now Available

The Off-Campus Education Session will be offered to all qualified residential students through a class on “D2L”.  You will be required to watch a video in four parts and you will then need to complete and pass a short quiz based on the information from the video. You must receive an 80% on the quiz to pass. You may take the quiz as many times as necessary to pass. Because this will be offered online, there should be no reason that a student cannot complete the session. There is no fee or charge for this session and completing the session does not obligate you to move off campus.

To qualify for this session and be to be released from our housing obligation, you need to have lived on campus at Radford University for two semesters (including this semester).

This course will only be available until March 7, 2014.  

Off Campus Education Session Instruction Sheet (PDF)

Feb 20, 2014
Office of Housing and Residential Life