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Tripled Rooms

1. What is a tripled room?

A tripled room is a room typically intended for two people, however three people are temporarily assigned to the space due to high demand for the residence halls.  Each tripled room includes three beds (one set of beds are bunked), two desks, two chairs, and a dresser.  Each resident of the tripled room is able to have his/her own Ethernet connection.

2. Why do you triple people into rooms?

Every year, we know that some number of students who initially indicated they would be attending Radford in the fall, change their plans but do not tell us in advance.  Therefore, we always have some room vacancies, but we never know how many or in what locations until the school year starts.  If we only admitted the exact number of people that could fit in the residence halls without tripling, many students placed in tripled rooms would not be admitted to the University. 

3. How are people selected to live in a tripled room?

Residents of tripled rooms are selected according to their dates of deposits.  Therefore, the later you place a deposit with the University, the more likely you are to be placed in a temporarily tripled room.  The person who paid their deposit to the University the latest, is considered to have the temporary placement.  The other two residents are considered the permanent residents of the room.

4. When will rooms be de-triped?

As soon as a space becomes available, the temporarily placed person will move to the open space.  Our goal is to de-triple rooms first within the same hall, followed by the same quad.  Finally, we try to find any available space on campus. Rooms are de-tripled according to dates of deposit.  Therefore, the temporarily tripled resident with the earliest date of deposit will be the first to be de-tripled.

5. Can all three of us stay together in the room if we want to?

Absolutely.  Every year, we have some groups of students who decide to remain in a double-capacity room as a triple even when space is available for them.  For this to happen, all three residents must sign an agreement form.  If all three residents do not sign the form, then the person who was temporarily placed, or designee, will need to move.

6. Can one of the permanent residents of the room be the one to move from the room?

Yes, as long as all three people agree who is going to move.

7. If I am assigned to a tripled room, how long will I be there?

The length of time people stay in triples varies from year to year.  In many years, we have had all triples resolved in the first three weeks of school.  In other years, we have had triples the entire first semester.  Our goal is to get everyone to their permanent placement as quickly as possible.

8. What is the likelihood of me being placed in a tripled room?

The later you or your roommate’s date of deposit, the more likely you will be placed into a triple.  Some people accepted admission into the University beginning in January.  Because each year is different, we are not able to predict what dates of deposit will likely be placed into temporarily tripled rooms at this time.

9. Do I receive any financial compensation for living in a tripled room?

Students who are still placed in triples past the University census date (the third Monday of classes) when the University is overcapacity for their genders will receive a credit to their student accounts. The credit will be added at the end of the academic semester.  The amount credited to the student account depends on the total time a resident lives in a tripled room past the census date and when we are over capacity by gender.  Students who voluntarily choose to be part of a triple will not receive a credit to their student accounts once we are no longer over-capacity for their genders.

10. What is the best way for three people to share a tripled room?

Students who are living in a temporary triple will have three beds, two desks and a dresser.  Therefore, sharing and communicating will be crucial to your happiness in the room.  Each person has an equal right to a portion of the space.  To help with this process, students living in tripled rooms will complete a space agreement with their RA which details which residents use which spaces in the room. Students who are going to be placed in triples are asked to bring the minimum amount of items needed until the room de-triples.