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IACUC Training

IACUC Training Requirements:

  • IACUC Core Training - Working with the IACUC Course in CITI
  • OSHA Training Materials - Read manual and signature page is printed, signed and original submitted to the IACUC.

IACUC Core Training

The Radford University IACUC currently uses the CITI Training Program for animal subjects researchers. Training must be complete before a researcher (faculty, staff, or student) will be approved to handle any animals for teaching or research purposes.

To Complete IACUC Training Modules in CITI Training Program:

Here are step-by-step instructions to help locate and complete the appropriate IACUC online training module(s) in the CITI Training Program. Every person involved in animal subjects research, including IACUC members, must complete at least the course entitled Working with the IACUC:

  1. Access the CITI Training Program at CITIProgram.org

    1. For assistance in creating an account in CITI, please see CITI's New Learner Account Registration 2.0 tutorial.

    2. At Step 7 of this tutorial, go to "Question 5. Laboratory Animal Welfare" and select the item titled "'Working wtih the IACUC Course' is required if you plan to use lab animals in your work."

    3. Select any other courses below that you desire to complete. 

      IACUC Members are strongly encouraged to select (and complete) "IACUC Community Member" and/or the item titled "If you are an IACUC Member you are required to complete the 'Essentials for IACUC Members' course now."

    4. Continue the log-in process as instructed by CITI.

    5. Go to your "Grade Book" to begin taking your required course(s)
  2. Complete the Working with the IACUC training module in CITI (and any other selected or required modules).

    Note: You may stop and start at your convenience throughout the course and quizzes may be re-taken as needed.

  3. If requested by your faculty member, you may download as a PDF or print a Certificate of Completion for each training module for submission to your instructor.

    1. Certificates of Completion do not have to be submitted to the IACUC.  The IACUC Office looks at completion records in the CITI database.