Nursing 762

NURS 762
Psychotherapeutic Treatment Modalities & Clinical Psychopharmacology

1. Catalog Entry

NURS 762
Psychotherapeutic Treatment Modalities & Clinical Psychopharmacology

Credit hours (4)
Prerequisites: Graduate Standing in Nursing or Permission of Instructor

A conceptual development of brain-behavior relationships for individuals with mental illness and psychiatric disorders and application to practice.

2. Detailed Description of Course

An overview of major concepts, theories and EB modalities related to psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacology treatment for mental disorders across the lifespan.    

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Online course: case studies, student facilitated online discussions, critique of psychotherapeutic treatments, testing of psycho-pharmacodynamics and kinetics, student presentations.

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

    1) Apply theories and EB models for psychotherapeutic modalities to a variety of patient
        populations and disorders.
    2) Apply principles of best practices for using psychopharmacology to treat psychiatric disorders.
    3) Demonstrate knowledge of EB psychopharmacology treatments for patients with psychiatric
    4) Discuss ethical issues related to treatment of psychiatric disorders.
    5) Identify the neuropharmacological mechanisms, risks, benefits and outcomes of psychotropic

5. Assessment Measures

Participation with online learning, discussions, application of concepts with case studies, testing
6. Other Course Information


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May 11, 2015