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Art 642

ART 642: Art Education Theory and Practice

Credit Hours: (3) Two hours lecture, two hours laboratory

A study of historical and prevailing ideas in art education and their practical application.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Art 642 is a competency-based course. Each of the competencies listed below is essential to proper performance of teacher tasks, and is essential content in this course.

1. The ability to apply a knowledge of the intellectual, manipulative and expressive development of students at the college and university level to the construction of art curriculum.
2. The ability to use appropriate materials, concepts, and practices to teach previously developed units of art instruction to college-level theory, history and studio art classes.
3. The ability to employ critiques, and studio art experiences to develop expressive and descriptive language skills.
4. The ability to employ effective content/concept delivery methods (audio/visual/demonstration) in art instruction.
5. The ability to organize and conduct classroom experiences in a manner consistent with prescribed university-level guidelines.
6. The ability to conduct student counseling in a mature and respectful manner.
7. The ability to devise methods to accommodate the needs of college-level students who require special learning conditions.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Through lecture, demonstration, observation, assigned reading and research, the student will be led toward an intellectual appreciation of the historical, philosophical, procedural and curricular processes involved in American higher education in art. Supervised practical experiences will be used to assess student ability to apply these concepts.

Course requirements include the construction of a curriculum which teaches specific college-level content and a mentored teaching experience in a college-level art classroom or studio.

The class will meet for four or more hours each week in a lecture, demonstration, observational or practical milieu.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Art 642 seeks to prepare the art graduate student with skills necessary to the planning and implementing of art activities and programs at the college/university level; the philosophical bases for making art education decisions; and the ability to apply established administrative procedures in the classroom.


Assessment Measures

Performance assessment will be based upon scores on tests and examinations, grades on assigned research or projects, evaluation of curriculum development skills, observation during instructional periods to assess both professional skills and the ability to work harmoniously and cooperatively with peers and others involved with the art education process.


Other Course Information

Art 642 is a required course in the Master of Science program in the Department of Art, and fulfills art elective requirements in the Master of Fine Arts program. It may also be used to satisfy graduate art credit for re-certification purposes.


Review and Approval

March 1999 Revision Arthur Jones, Chair