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Biology / Chemistry 471:472

BIOL 471:472

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BIOL 471:472. (CHEM 471:472) Biochemistry
BIOL 471, four hours lecture; BIOL 472, three hours lecture (4:3).

Prerequisites: BIOL 105 or BIOL 121 or BIOL 132; CHEM 302.

Study of the main classes of biomolecules, cellular organization, enzyme action, bioenergetics, and the flow of genetic information.


Detailed Description of Content of the Course

Biochemistry helps provide an understanding of life processes in terms of the molecular structures and chemical changes that occur within living systems. Thus the study of biochemistry is of particular importance to those interested in the agricultural sciences, the health sciences, environmental sciences, athletics, and the behavioral sciences. This course is organized to:

1) emphasize the relationship between the three dimensional structures of proteins, nucleic acids and other bio-molecular and their biological activity;
2) to show how metabolic energy is generated, stored and utilized
3) to study how genetic information is stored, transmitted and expressed;
4) to show the interaction of information, conformation, and metabolism in physiological processes.

An outline of the topics covered:

1. Acid-base reactions and the preparation of buffer solutions
2. Protein structure and function
3. DNA and RNA and the flow of genetic information
4. Myoglobin and Hemoglobin - the transport and storage of oxygen
5. Mechanisms of enzyme action
6. Structure and functions of biological membranes
7. Principles of bioenergetics
8. Carbohydrate structure
9. Glycolysis
10. Citric acid cycle
11. Oxidative phosphorylation
12. Fatty acid metabolism


Detailed Description of the Conduct of the Course

Chem 471:472 is a lecture course with students encouraged to participate with comments and questions. The course uses a standard biochemistry textbook that the students are expected to use to guide the study of each of the topics covered. There are weekly homework assignments and/or quizzes to insure that the students are keeping up with the course study schedule. Three or four tests and a final examination are given each semester.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The students in biochemistry at Radford University are mainly chemistry, biology, nutrition, medical technology and pre-med students and the course is designed to meet their needs and interests to the greatest extent possible. It is felt, however, that the course can also be of value to any other students who might have an interest in the molecular basis of life and the necessary background to participate.


Assessment Measures

The students are graded on homework, quizzes, tests, and a final examination.


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October, 2007