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Management 652

MGNT 652: Business Consulting

Prerequisites: MBA status or permission of the instructor

Credit Hours: (3) Three hours lecture/field work

Introduces the student to comprehensive organizational analysis, alternative development and implementation planning in a business firm. Students will work in teams with the management of firms in the surrounding area. Extensive field work is required. Students meet regularly with the managers of firms assigned to their team, conduct an analysis of the firm's problems and develop a plan of action for solving the problems identified. Professional presentations are an integral part of this course.

Detailed Description of Content of Course

Outline of Major Topics:

  • Role of Consultant in Organizational Development
  • Team Formation and Alternative Clients
  • Entrepreneurs Role in Capitalistic Society
  • Consulting
  • Accounting Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Change Analysis
  • Report Writing and Client Presentations

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Upon completion of Small Business Consulting the student will be able to consult with small businesses in a number of management areas. The team work requires students meeting regularly with the instructor and the managers of firms participating in the projects. Analyzing firm problems, determining and selecting alternative solutions, and developing plans of actions for solving the problems are the major skills developed by the student. In addition, the student will create professional presentations to firm managers as an integral part of the course. The student will lead a team of student consultants on the consulting project.


Goals and Objectives of Course

Provide students with a transition experience from advanced classroom work to the actual business environment. Firms in the surrounding areas benefit from the consulting, analyses and proposals of the student. Enhance the independent activities of students as consultants in unstructured situations with actual small business management. In addition, the objective is to introduce students to consulting situations with real world situations.


Assessment Measures

Organization of consulting activities, professionalism in interfacing with firms participating in projects, presentations, development of alternatives and plans of actions, interim progress reports, and the final written report are the criteria for assessment. Assessment will also consider depth and breadth of analysis by the students.


Other Course Information

Students must qualify for participation in the course based on motivation to do independent consulting work and an exhibited competence in academic endeavors.


Review and Approval


April 1985 Updated for changes in course content F. B. Green, Chair

and methodology. Curriculum Committee

Sept. 1991 Reviewed for changes in course content and Allen L. Bures, Chairman

Department of Management

Revised: March 10, 1999