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How to Recycle in Residence Halls

Cans/glass/plastic containers have been placed next to most vending machines.

Mixed paper containers are also located in the library, computer rooms, and next to most copy machines and printers.

Corrugated cardboard should be flattened and placed next to the recycling containers in the laundry rooms.  No pizza boxes or other cardboard with food debris.

Collection Areas/Rate:

Recycling Centers for cans/glass/plastic, magazines/catalogs, white/colored office paper, pressboard and newspapers are located in the following areas:

Howe St. Apt. - Laundry rooms 1/week
Floyd - Ground floor laundry 1/week
Jefferson - Ground floor laundry 1/week
Madison - Ground floor laundry 1/week
Peery - Ground floor laundry 1/week
Stuart - Ground floor laundry 1/week
Trinkle - Ground floor laundry 1/week
Bolling - First floor laundry 1/week
Draper - First floor laundry 1/week
Pocahontas - First floor laundry 1/week
Tyler - First floor laundry & lower level (#026) 1/week
Washington - First floor laundry 1/week
Moffett - Laundry rooms all floors (east and west wings) 2/week
Muse - Basement, laundry, recycling rooms - all floors 3/week
Norwood - Room 129 next to the bathrooms 1/week
Ingles - First Floor trash room 1/week