Mixed Paper Recycling Guidelines

Please Recycle

Mixed Office Paper
Newspaper & Inserts
Junk Mail & Envelopes
Pressboard (cereal or shoe boxes)
Phonebooks & Directories
Soft-back books & Notebooks

Please recycle properly!
Separate paper bins are still on campus! Staples, paperclips and windows are OK.

Do Not Include

Plastics (bags, bottles*, transparencies)
Pizza boxes or food waste
Metal cans* or glass bottles*
Ink or toner cartridges*
Adhesive labels
CDs or floppy disks
Corrugated Cardboard*

* Please recycle these materials in appropriate recycling bins or contact RU Recycling for assistance.

Download a PDF version of the Mixed Paper Recycling Guidelines.

Have a question that these guidelines don’t answer? Call (540) 831-7800.