Internal Governance

There is a strong commitment to collaborative governance among the constituencies of the Radford University community. We believe in teamwork because the results are longer lasting and of higher quality than what one person can accomplish alone. We believe in the need for many leaders on a university campus, leaders who are visible, speak often to articulate both issues and values, stand publicly for what is important, and commit themselves to the overall welfare of the university community.

Through a collaborative governance process we believe that individuals and the university can harmonize their goals and set a course for mutual achievement. Inherent in this belief are the willingness to listen to all ideas, to respect competing concerns, to evaluate the merits of many alternatives, and to move around the campus articulating ideas and building consensus through information, involvement, and open decision making.

A successful collaborative governance process enables our programs and services to be better and establishes an atmosphere of trust and respect among colleagues. It allows the university to address complex issues, to remain open to discovery, to adapt to changing needs, and to support each other in the hard work of forging a future.