Reasons to Choose Radford

Elementary education transfer student Lena Johnson

Lena Johnson '18

"As a transfer student, all of the organizations I have been involved in have enhanced my self-esteem and given me a spirit of dedication. Through my involvement I can say that I have truly learned what is important to me, and become a better person from these experiences.”

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Luis Arias '18

“I picked Radford University because of its size and location. I felt I could develop a close relationship with my professors. Along with those relationships, I knew I would have the chance to do actual independent research that I would not have been able to do at a larger state school.”

Undergraduate biology student Luis Arias in the Greenhouse at Radford University
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Undergraduate graphic design student Mayana Williams

Mayana Williams '17

“The graphic design professors have all worked in the field of graphic design, so they have real world experience. They have given me a lot of perspective and insight into the graphic design field that has made me feel more prepared for my career."

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Chris Nuckols '16

“If it wasn’t for the support of my family, my wife, my colleagues, and my professors at Radford University there would be absolutely no way I would have had the opportunity to continue my education and become the nurse I am today.”

Chris Nuckols graduated in December 2016 with a degree in nursing
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Undergraduate computer science student Ben Marshall is a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship

Ben Marshall '18

“I wouldn’t be able to attend Radford University if I didn’t receive the Presidential Scholarship. When my financial aid came up short, Radford University’s Presidential Scholarship made the difference.”

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