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For a co-curricular experience to be designated “SCI,” a faculty member, experience coordinator, student, or student organization must initiate completion of the appropriate online form. Please refer to the “Apply Now” pages of the Scholar-Citizen website.

Criteria for SCI Designation

A co-curricular will be designated as “SCI” if that activity:

  1. Meets at least one SC student learning outcome;
  2. Enhances student learning through fostering engaged learning. “Engaged learning” describes instructional practices and learning opportunities focused on connecting academic skills and knowledge to promoting political, cultural, social, and economic change and on the “habits of heart” needed to “motivate students to be caring citizens” (p. Edgerton 32); and
  3. Contributes to at least one of three areas of psycho-social development targeted by the Scholar-Citizen program:
    1. Leadership Development
    2. Reflective Judgment Development, or
    3. Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

Assessment and Research

In order to measure the impact of SCI co-curricular programming and experiences over time on student learning and psycho-social development, SCI programs and events participate in ongoing assessment practices including survey research.

Please note that event organizers are asked to allocate a space for an SC information table at the event and to include the SC logo on any poster or other campus communication tool promoting the event.