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The primary purpose of a SCI co-curricular is to increase the number of students exposed to the Scholar-Citizen initiative including its learning outcomes and associated pedagogical practices. Additionally, SCI co-curriculars contribute to one of the three areas of psycho-social development targeted by the Scholar-Citizen program:

  1. Leadership,
  2. Reflective Judgment, and
  3. Intercultural Knowledge and Competence.

There are three “tiers” of SCI co-curriculars to support both broad student exposure to the learning and psycho-social developmental goals of the SC program as well as the academic and co-curricular requirements of our Scholar-Citizens and Scholar-Citizen Fellows.

Tier 1 (broad appeal and relevance, indirect assessment through survey administration to attendees)

Tier 2 (target a specific set of learning outcomes for a specific set of students; direct and indirect assessment through collection of student reflections from students enrolled in the associated course/expereince and survey administration to all students who attend the public event)

Tier 3 (student-designed projects; direct assessment through SCF ePortfolio)