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Fall 2013

SC UNIV 100 (Sections 37 & 67) - Dr. Erin Webster Garrett and Mr. Tim Filbert. These 2-credit hour enhanced sections of UNIV 100 incorporate an additional shared reading, See You In a Hundred Years, a visit with the author; a related substainability civic project; an introduction to reflective practice, and an exposure to theScholar-Citizen Student Organization and Academic Path.

ART 340: Practicum in Art Education, Dr. Richard Bay, Art Education Intervention,McHarg Elementary School, Radford.

SC Core 101 (Sections 16, 33, 60) - Dr. Michele Ren. This class introduces students to college-level reading, writing, and speaking through the lens of civic and social engagement. Students are exposed to the Scholar-Citizen learning outcomes and pedagogies, and the course is geared toward experiential, applied learning.

SC WMST 101 (Sections 01 & 02) - Women in the World. Dr. Michele Ren. This class studies the concept of gender and its links to women's issues both at home and abroad. Students engage in on-going debates about issues that are relevent to their own lived experiences and are required to reflect upon ways that their own disiplinary knowledge suggests social action and inquiry.

SC MATH 151 (Sections 04 & 05) - Dr. Neil P. Sigmon. This course incorporates a Scholar-Citizen co-curricular project wherein students and math tutors volunteer to participate in a competitive "homework mathalon" with the proceeds donated to St. Jude's Children Research Hospital.

SC MGMT 460 - Business & Society - Dr.J. Stephen Childers, Jr. This course will provide students with valuable insight into balancing the business and society relationship. The course incorporates a civic engagement project, exposure to the ePortfolio initiative, and focuses on real-world problem solving and business ethics.

SC CRJU 290/490/590 - Investigating the Kennedy Assassination. Dr. Stephen Owen & Dr. Tod Burke. This course incorporates a public presentation by Dale Myers, an Emmy award winning computer animator about his research on the 1963 assassination. Myers will additionally meet with students enrolled in the course to discuss the challenges of real-world research.

SC SOCY 482 and APST 495 - Qualitative Research Methods. Dr. Melinda Wagner. This is an experiential course focused on developing projects that have visible consequences for students and the community.

SC LEAD 110 (Sections 02 & 02): Emerging Leaders. Introduction to the nature of leadership, an assessment of your leadership skills, and effective ways to further develop these skills.